Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy Diwali

This might seem an awkward time to post a Diwali Card, either way too late for last year or way too early for this year. Any which way, this is a card I made while being approached for a corporate card deal. The design brief was that it had to be elegant, not over the top girly and around 50 cards to be made. Alas, I didn't get the project, but there's always next time. I personally like this card the best out of the five designs I created (I shall post those at the end and you can judge! :p)

Showing the card in all it's glory. The design is a stylized version of  fairy lights and fire crackers.

I started off by rounding the edges of the card. I made rosettes out of red cardstock in two different sizes and stuck them on. I then drew a 'wire' for the fairy lights with a white gel pen and hand glued each individual fairy light. The fairy lights are smooth topped rhinestones.

Detail showing close up of rosettes and fairy lights 

Close up shot showing rosettes and fairy lights

Now here are the other designs that I had done.

Embossed card with cut out Diyas all aflame!

Ornate window card with a flower pot with glitter sparkles

A stylized Mithai (traditional Indian sweets) box

A simple card with a Diya again and sparkles of glitter in the corners

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